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The Sun

Tarot Card Meaning

Sun Tarot
the sun after tarot

The Sun

Lord of the Fire of the World

Rules: Leo

Exaltation: Aries

Planet: Sun

Hebrew Letter: Resh

Color: Orange

Musical Note: D-Natural

The Sun as a Person: You Tube Video


The Sun Description and Symbolism

A little boy is riding a white horse. White horses are symbolic of purity. He carries a red flag for passion. Red is also the shortest wavelength, which reinforces the idea of youth. The sunflowers push their faces up towards the little boy and not the radiant, brilliant sun in the sky. They are radiant and cheerful and bring optimism to any situation. The child has the light inside of him that shines so brightly that even the flowers follow him. Sunflower traditionally symbolize adoration, loyalty and sexual fever.

Everyone is basking in the warm glow of the sun. The little boy is so warm that he is naked except for a sunflower wreath in his hair. The nudity symbolizes his freedom and innocence.


The Sun Interpretation and Divination

The Sun is a card of warmth and sunny dispositions. Everything is possible, new and shiny.

No matter how bleak you may feel the sun will always rise. The sun is steady and constant. It doesn’t matter what happens on Earth, the sun doesn’t change. (The moon changes phases. This is not as steady) After the madness of the moon, the Sun brings a happy dose of shine.

The Sun shines brightly and makes a situation clearer. You may have the mental clarity that is needed in a situation.

It can indicate a sexual romp. The boy is naked and free. We also see him riding a horse, which suggests taking a wild, sexual ride.

The Sun can also predict a child, either a son or twins.

The Sun can suggest that you need a day at the spa. Little things like a manicure and pedicure can make a person feel so good.

The Sun can bring clarity to a relationship or situation. Things that seemed dark and unknown will suddenly become bright and very clear.


The Sun in Love

The Sun in love is a good card to get! Either you or your lover has an optimistic attitude that will keep the relationship thriving. The Sun in love is easy going, hospitable, and very caring. They may love doting on you or you may love doting on your partner.

There is a strong connection to the father when the Sun comes up in a reading. There is a possibility that either your partner or you, remind them of your father (in a good way!).

Marriage and long term commitments are favorable when the Sun comes up in romance. There is a propensity to have many sons rather than daughters.


The Sun as Feelings

If the Sun comes up for feelings, it can indicate sexually, freeing feelings. As a feeling it is warm, intense, clear and vivacious.


The Sun as Advice

You need to clarify a situation. Subconscious maybe coming together with consciousness. Great awareness can be realized when our conscious mind comes together in harmony with subconscious awareness.

As advice, it may be telling you to take a negative situation and see it in a positive way. A lot of times tarot is literal, so it could have to do with a child or children. Perhaps you see your children as having a bad habit or a temper. Remember, those qualities can be molded into positive qualities. You may want to drop subconscious hints to your child or your inner child, so that those qualities can affect your awareness.


The Sun Professions

Lifeguard. Florist. Gardner. Horticulturist. Botanist. Horse breeder. Ferrier. Jockey. Leader. Guru. Entertainment Industry. Solar Power. Energy Grids. Electric Company.


The Sun Reversed

The Sun Reversed suggests you may have taken on too much.

On a Mundane level the Sun Reversed can forewarn of sunburns and/or skin cancer. Please use sunblock.

The Sun Tarot Combinations

Sun and Strength

a. Total sexual romp

Sun and Hermit

a. Talking in a 5th dimensional lingo/ or occult lingo (adeptship) 

b. Negative side: Trying to help someone with a child-like temperament understand what they cannot.   

Sun and Temperance

a. Intensifying by moderation. 

b. Blending together opposites by intensification.

Sun and the Devil

a. Feeling burnt out of the relationship.

b. Intense spiritual connection to the earth. 

Sun and Tower

a. Every single lie and illusion coming into the harsh light of the sun. 

b. No escape from the truth.

c. Absolute clarity even though it hurts to know reality.

Sun and Eight of Wands

a. Summer Activities

Sun and Page of Wands:

a. Being a good pupil.

Sun and 6 of Cups

a. Playing with the kids makes you feel young.

Sun and Queen of Pentacles: 

a. Loving someone like a mother would their son. 

b. A mother and their son. 

c. Wanting to protect the innocent.