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Tarot Heaven Meaning

The Magician

Tarot Card Meaning

Tarot Heaven Magician
Magician Wizard Kenner

Universal Rider Waite


Wizards Tarot by Corrine Kenner


The Magus of Power

Rules: Mercury

Exaltation: Virgo

Astrology: Gemini and Virgo

Hebrew Letter: Beth

Color: Deep Yellow/Gold

Musical Note: E-natural

The Magician YouTube Video


Magician Description and Symbolism


A man with a red coat and a white gown is holding a two-sided candle towards the sky. He is drawing down the powers from the universe in order to use them in the material world. On the table lies the physical tools he can use. He has a sword, which represents thoughts and words. He has a cup, which utilizes emotions, drama and beauty. He has a wand, which is full of action, raw power and potential. His pentacle represents the physical world, money, and steady accomplishments. There are beautiful red roses and white lilies that frame the picture creating an enclosed border. Everything that he needs is in front of him and anything else that he might need he pulls from the divine.

The Magician reminds us to use concentration. The red roses are symbolic of our desires, and what we desire takes effort to manifest. Roses are one of the more difficult flowers to grow, but by applying a centralization of thoughts towards the roses he makes them bloom into bright red flowers.

The Golden Dawn assigned the letter Beth to the Magician. Beth is the first word of the alphabet and hence, the first key. (Zeros is not the first key, zero is all encompassing, ever present, no-thing, and everything). Though I disagree and think that Beth is more suited as the High Priestess. In my opinion she is the house that incubates the ideas. I disagree, again, with the prevailing thought and believe that the Magician and High Priestess are complements. Though the Builders of the Adytum and the Golden Dawn place the Magician and Fool as complements. How can something that is all encompassing (Fool) have a companion, a complement? If the Fool should have a complement, shouldn’t then the World be the complement to the Fool?

Beth means “house” in Hebrew. A house contains all of our worldly goods. A house is the concentration that is needed for the Magician to work his magic. Containment is a form of limitation and we need limitation in order to concentrate.  The Magician’s house holds his tools. The house is also symbolic of the body being used as a “house” for spirit.

His garden is not a wild garden. The garden is on his property (house), hence the table and cultivated flowers. The house also symbolizes our stability and structure that we need in order to be able to utilize our concentration and further develop awareness.


Magician Interpretation and Divination


Everything is at your disposal right now. You have the power to be or create anything you want from reality. The divine spark is inside of you and is ready for action. You have everything that you need to be successful. You have the capacity to complete projects that you start. New business contacts and new ideas may come into your life. Your willpower is strong right now as the divine elements guide you to develop your abilities. You will win. You will succeed. You are the epitome of success. You have the fire and now you can spread it. Watch it burn and manifest itself in the physical world.

You have the connection between heaven and earth. You have mastery over the four elements: air, fire, earth, and water. You can use either or all of them. The choice is yours. You understand what element to use for each situation. Once you understand the basic principle of the Magician, you understand that everything that you think or actively visualize through concentration is yours. We are creators of our own universe.

The Magician can also symbolize meeting someone who is involved in the occult. He could be a great psychic or tarot card reader. He has the magic to start projects and connect you to the divine. He could be someone new that can help you develop your spirituality. Whoever he represents is most likely a new person in your life. The Magician often represents a real person, usually a man.


Magician as a Person (Signifier)


As a signifier, the Magician is usually a male. If it comes up for a female, the female has a very predominant masculine side.

The Magician is usually a bachelor (Kings are usually the ones who are represent married men). They may not have ever been married or marry much later in life. A person who has the qualities of the Magician are dynamic, powerful and magnetic. There is a high possibility that this person is deeply involved in the occult. They really are a magician or a sorcerer. This type of work comes easily for them, as they have carried over subconscious knowledge from numerous past lives.

The Magician is the group leader who has the experience to lead people in the right direction. They are an astute individual who can see into the depths of others. This individual is in complete control of everything around them. They can probably just give someone a look or touch a relay a powerful message.

As a signifier, the Magician is someone who is able to create all they desire. They are on a quest to help humanity through a deeply spiritual calling. They were probably very mature children.

As an independent leader, they probably run a business or are in a position of leadership. The business does not have to be a large corporation (the Emperor would be better suited to run a large corporation), but the business is probably one that involves some aspect of the occult. They could own a small shop with unique handcrafted gifts, jewelry design, incense, original books, florist, hypnotist, or even antiques. They have a strong love of books, learning, and are quick-witted.

This person is drawn to gemstones, flower, herbs, natural healing methods, and alchemy They like spending time alone in meditation. They would rather live in the country side than in the city.

The Magician type of person makes a good orator. They love talking and chatting. Since Mercury rules the Magician they are highly articulate and communicate. Never without the lack of words they can talk about numerous topics. They might also have excellent screenwriting abilities and a flare for the theatrics. If they are gifted genetically, they will have a beautiful singing voice.

If you want to date the Magician, be prepared for the “unconfirmed bachelor.” You’ll either need to embody the High Priestess to catch his attention or embody the Hermit. This is not someone who easily slides in and out of relationships. Remember this person has a higher calling in life and is on a spiritual quest to fulfill it. They are looking for a partner they can learn and grow with. They need a partner with a strong intellectual capacity to further the growth of their soul and the soul of their partner.

Concentration is important to the Magician type. I know a Magician type and I swear his favorite word is “concentration,” which he uses as a catch-all for meditation/rituals/magic. The ability to concentration on their goals and to cultivate and create them is extremely important to the Magician.

On a negative side, this type of person can be a little to brash and bold with their words resulting in alienating people. Because of the high intellect in the Magician type of person, they tend to analyze and cut right to the point immediately. They don’t like being “one-upped.” If they are mature enough and aligned with their soul goals, they will find a way to be witty and use humor as a way of pointing out the negatives that he (she) finds in situations. In fact, they may have a great sense of humor that can light a heavy mood in group situations.

There may be a tendency to be a little too egotistical this would fall under an “immature” Magician type either reversed or ill-dignified by the surrounding cards.


The Magician in Love

The Magician in love usually indicates that you will meet someone new. It could also represent a karmic connection to someone new. Cards such as the Lovers, Wheel of Fortune or 6 of Cups could reaffirm this.

If you are already in a relationship, it could indicate that your relationship will find a mental spark that will elevate the relationship to a more spiritual and exciting level.


The Magician as Feelings

You are feeling very alive right now. Everything has an energetic spark that is truly motivating. If you are asking how a person feels about you, then they feel like you are interesting, exciting and a very positive.


The Magician as Advice

The Magician advises you to go for it. Whatever it is that you are asking about, don’t hesitate. It’s in your reach. You have the resources and power to get what you want. The first thing you need to do is think about which “tool” you want to use. You may not need all of them, but they are all at your disposal. You will find an avenue to get what you want out of the situation.


The Magician as an Obstacle or Crossing Card

The Magician as an obstacle might be suggesting that you are not tapping into your own power. Things might be superficial right now, but know that you have unlimited power at your disposal.

Another obstacle could be a man that is lying to you or tricking you. The Magician is under the protection of the Mercury/Hermes. Hermes gives messages from the Gods to the mortals. Hermes is a trickster, gambler, and storyteller. A person like this could be thwarting you.


The Magician in a Career

The Magician rules mercury. Mercury rules communication and writing. His name was Mercury to the Romans and Hermes to the Greeks. He was the God that delivered messages. Any career in the written word, such as literature is often highlighted.

This would be a great sign that a new and insightful business contact will come your way. It could also indicate that a new idea will start to manifest itself. You will have the divine spark that ignites with potential. Use it! Any professions in communication, writing, journalism, speech writing, inventions, or education are possible.


Tarot Magician Professions

Doctor. Occultist. Magician. Botanist. Horticulturist. Nurse. Writer. Stage Performer. Salesman. Street Vendor. Journalist. Speech Writing. Inventor. Educator. Mail Man. Delivery. Courier.


The Magician as an Outcome

Getting the Magician is like getting all four aces. You will be starting something new that inspires you, makes you feel good, is grounded in material success and creates a new way of thinking about a situation.

If you are single and looking to meet someone, the Magician as the final card shows you that you will meet someone that truly inspires you.

If you are looking for a new business partnership, the Magician as the final outcome shows you that you will meet someone new that completes the partnership.

You’ve manifested an outcome and it will come true. It’s not a coincidence, it’s the cosmos working in your favor due to your faith in manifestation. You’ve been in control of the outcome this entire time. You know the difference between fantasy and reality and you are about to turn your wildest fantasies into reality because the Magician knows that reality and illusion are one-in-the-same.


The Magician Reversed

The Reversed Magician indicates a trickster, a con artist or gambler. He is a sweet-talking man who can convince anyone of anything including the panties off a nun. Be very careful when you see the Magician Reversed. This man feels empowered through his orator skills and misuses them. He uses rhetoric like hyperbole and once he’s finished speaking you are spinning!

The Reversed Magician feels his “divine spark” comes from him and not from above, thus being all about the ego. He believes this about himself because he does not believe in God. He only believes in himself. Unlike the upright Magician, who is empowered by the supreme creator, the reversed Magician indicates an atheist or nihilist. In this instance, not believing in God can create an inflated ego because it’s all about the self. Without faith people tend to live in the now and the ego or central self takes over. This person believes in only himself, the here, and the now. They look at short term strategies and not long-term goals. This person has a limited sense of gratitude.

The Magician Tarot Card Combinations

Magician and High Priestess: 

a. Initiation into the occult. 

b. Joining a group where you meet insightful people who can help you on your path into mysticism.

c. Together the Magician and High Priestess can indicate a powerful business partnership between a man and a woman.

Magician and Devil

a. Can indicate dark magic. 

Magician and Ace of Wands: 

a. Getting all your work done at a rapid pace. 

Magician and Knight of Wands

a. Laying everything that you know out on the table, even though it maybe a hasty decision and not necessarily the right decision. You may not have thought that one through completely. 

b. Not thinking everything clearly through as you lay everything that you know on the table. 

Magician and 2 of Cups

a. If you are a woman, look for a new man to come into your life that gives you the spark! Can indicate the start of a very deep connection.

Magician and 2 of Pentacles: 

a. You maybe inspired to write and communicate through words. This combination also indicates some kind of broker (Magician) who helps you decide between stocks, bonds, or real estate options.