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The Page of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles

Princess of the Echoing Hills

Rose of the Palace of Earth

Earth of Earth

Court Element: Earth

Suit Element: Earth

Golden Dawn Zodiac: Aries, Taurus, Gemini

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Sephiroth: Malkuth

Feminine Energy (Earth)


Page of Pentacles Description and Symbolism

The Page of Pentacles looks the least child-like. She is slightly turned to the right, while intently holding the pentacle. It looks like she doesn’t have a firm grip on the pentacle. She is unsure of how to hold it and is balancing it on her fingertips. This indicates that she is at the beginning of her craft. She’s taken the unmanifested energy of the Ace of Pentacle and is now learning to use it.  

The Page of Pentacles is wearing a green tunic over an orange shirt and leggings. Her boots are basic brown. On her head sits a silk tubular shaped red hat. A gauze scarf is hung around the hat. Women usually wore these in 14th century Medieval Europe. The hat looks exactly like the Page of Cups hat, except in a different color. This indicates that the Suit of Pentacles and the Suit of Cups work together and are complimentary to each other.

The sky is yellow, which represents intelligence and warmth. It also indicates that the sun is rising. The Page of Pentacles is the type who rises early to get things done. She may like the expression, “It’s the early bird who catches the worm.”

There are a cluster of trees in the background and compared to their size they don’t look full grown, though they stand firm and erect. There is also a small plot of land that the Page of Pentacles is cultivating and nurturing. There are rows of planted seeds that have not yet grown. It will take time to grow the seeds into fruit and harvest them. This indicates that she is at the beginning stages of development. The stable and a calm looking blue mountain in the background reinforces the Page of Pentacle’s solid perspective, thus encouraging her to keep going.

The earth all around the Page of Pentacles is fertile and green. There are small yellow and red wildflowers growing around her feet. This symbolizes her nurturing qualities and how things grow naturally around her when she is attentive, but these aren’t cultivated roses or lilies. These are wildflowers that are not yet under the control of the Page of Pentacles.


Page of Pentacles Interpretation and Divination

All pages send messages and communicate with people outwardly. It is usually a message, but you could definitely be getting a package through the mail or an expected email.

The Page of Pentacles can mean you get a notice from an attorney that ends a situation you had been worrying about.

You could be feeling very pensive and thoughtful about something. You are mulling it over in your head. This could lead to brooding and moody behavior.

The Page of Pentacle indicates a lot of chores to do around your house. Perhaps you are in the mood for some spring cleaning.

Money is coming to you, but it’s a trickle-down effect and doesn’t come as fast as you would like. You might have to work harder than you originally thought. Don’t be overwhelmed or surprised if the work starts to pile up.


Page of Pentacles as a Person

She is responsible, down-to-earth and level-headed. She brings messages of new jobs, promotions, and acceptance letters from schools.  

She is hardworking. When they commit to their studies or job, they do all the necessary research and planning for it. The Page of Pentacles can be very organized. You might see her spending long nights in the library studying.

The Page of Pentacles also indicates someone who loves animals and nature. If she’s not outside enjoying the grass, plants, birds and sky, she is inside curled up watching shows about animals.

She might enjoy simple walks in the park or hiking. This page has a love for food, so going berry picking in the spring/summer or apple picking in the autumn is great fun.

The Page of Pentacles is conservative in her beliefs. They will probably agree with the majority or status quo. She doesn’t like to rock the boat or stand out like the Page of Cups.

Her wardrobe maybe very conservative as well. She will probably be very well groomed and they may even be drawn towards luxury items.  You won’t see the Page of Pentacles flashing a lot of skin or wearing trendy clothing. They buy quality clothing items that will last forever.

The Page of Pentacles is a pensive person. She loves to think over decisions. They will not make a quick decision, but would rather weigh all the pros and cons. 

She moves very slowly, but patiently. Everything has to be perfect, so she meticulously dots all the I’s and crosses all the T’s. She is a perfectionist and doesn’t care how long it takes to get a project done. She will learn and practice until she gets things right. This page wants to be thorough. Unlike the Page of Wands, the Page of Pentacles finishes projects she starts.  


Page of Pentacles as a Message

She can bring messages of inheritance, scholarships, new business opportunities. If you are expecting a message, this message will not be quick. You may have to wait for its arrival. Expect a hand written note in your snail mail.

If you are expecting a message of love look to the surrounding cards. If there are a lot of cups, then the message will eventually come in a thoughtful way. It might be you who is sending the message. Your message will be well thought out and not miss a beat. It’s something you’ve been contemplating for a while.


Page of Pentacles in Love

If you are asking about love, the Page of Pentacles is very secure, faithful and loving. She will be dependable, kind and soft spoken. They are very family oriented, but any Page in a reading indicates immaturity in a relationship. Abrupt change and whirlwind feelings do not occur to the Page of Pentacles, so they won’t change their mind or are slow to change. The Page of Pentacles may represent a relationship that moves so slowly that it never materializes into a fully committed relationship.

The Page of Pentacles in love is making future plans with this person. They might be very focused on the new love interest. They may feel very serious about the person. Do you see how the Page of Pentacles stares at the pentacle with intention. Though, if you look closely, you’ll see that she is balancing the pentacle. She doesn’t have a firm grip on it. It can sometimes suggest not having a firm handle on the relationship or situation. It isn’t the best card to get for a love reading because it can seem contradictory towards a happily ever after.

The Page of Pentacles in love wants a partner who complements them. They are not “head-over-heels” in love type. They may pick a partner based on mutual interests, compatibility and social factors.


Page of Pentacles as Feelings

The Page of Pentacles as feelings means that your love interest just isn’t sure. They are slowly learning about you. If the Page of Pentacles comes up as the feeling card for a relationship reading, I would move on. Their feelings are not mature enough to endure a long-term commitment.  


Page of Pentacles as an Obstacle

When you see the Page of Pentacles as a crossing card or an obstacle, it indicates that you are stuck in a particular phase of development. In a romantic reading, this indicates that the relationship isn’t developing as fast as it should. You could still be in the ‘dating’ phase months after first meeting. On the other hand, you could want a baby and your spouse may not. Where ever you are in your relationship, the Page of Pentacles as an obstacle indicates that the relationship progress has halted.

If it’s an obstacle in a business reading, the Page of Pentacles indicates money is not coming in, poor sales and not moving forward due to lack of funds.


Page of Pentacles as Advice

As advice, the Page of Pentacles suggests that you might want to try investing for your future. Start making plans to pay off that student loan. Make sure all your finances are prioritized.

The Page of Pentacles asks you to think careful about making any big decisions and make sure they are grounded, safe and reliable. Make sure you are truly ready.

The Page of Pentacles as advice suggests you might even want to take a class or get a certificate to further your career.


Page of Pentacles at Work

The Page of Pentacles brings dedication and hard work to any new task. You could be embarking on a new business journey. It denotes that you are starting at the bottom up. The Page of Pentacles brings with you a sense of stability.

The Page of Pentacles is the apprentice card. You have to work at the bottom to get to the top. The Page of Pentacles understands this. You may have gotten a job at a dream firm, but have to do the basic work for several years before getting promoted. This is just part of the learning process.


Page of Pentacles Professions

Student. Horse Ferrier. Potter. Horse Trainer. Assistant. Cashier. Bank Teller. Entry level job. Nature Guide. Park Ranger. Librarian. Veterinarian Assistant. Waiter.  


Page of Pentacles Reversed

When the Page of Pentacles comes up reversed, you are feeling slovenly and lack motivation. You may have been working so hard at something that never seems to develop and now you are getting depressed and unhappy about it.

The Page of Pentacles can indicate failing an exam probably due to lack of studying.

In rare cases, the Page of Pentacles reversed can indicate learning disabilities, dyslexia or other ailments that inhibit learning.

Page of Pentacles Combinations 

Page of Pentacles and Chariot:
a. Having major tunnel vision in finishing a project.
b. Extreme focus.

Page of Pentacles and Two of Wands:
a. Slowly making a decision.
b. Taking time to reflect on your studies.
c. Pausing to reflect on the kingdom.

Page of Pentacles and Ten of Wands:
a. Working so hard that it becomes overwhelming.
b. Never giving up, no matter how hard the job becomes.

Page of Pentacles and Queen of Swords:
a. Working diligently on the project.
b. Nothing will get in your way of working your way to finishing the new project.

Page of Pentacles and Nine of Cups:
a. You’re happy when you get the internship.
b. Being happy and content studying.

Page of Pentacles and Ten of Cups:
a. Starting a new family.