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The Hanged Man

Tarot Card Meaning

Hanged Man

The Hanged Man

Spirit of the Mighty Waters

Rules: Pisces

Exaltation: Leo

Planet: Neptune

Hebrew Letter: Mem

Color: Pale Blue

Musical Note: G-Sharp/A-Flat

The Hanged Man as a Person: YouTube Video


Hanged Man Description and Symbolism

A man has hung himself upside down on a branch that has beautiful green leaves sprouting from it. His hands are behind his back. Only one leg is tied to the tree branch. The other leg forms an inverted number four. The inverted symbol is symbolic of someone whom awaits spiritual completion.

The red color of his pants denotes a passion for his beliefs. The blue color of his shirt is symbolic for the letter Mem, which means water. Water will reverse an image and the Hanged Man’s keyword is “reversal” because he reverses his thoughts and everything that he thinks he knows.

Around his head is a shinning yellow light, which gives this card the “ah-ha” moment. That light bulb moment we all have when we’ve just thought of the best idea. The yellow light is symbolic of the life-breath of the eternal light in all and everything.


Hanged Man Interpretation and Divination

The Hanged Man stands for letting go, meditation, bliss, patience, unyielding.

You might be on the brink of a spiritual discovery.

The Hanged Man can indicate someone who is adept at illusion. You could meet someone who spins fantastic stories, like a screenwriter or novelist. They are usually psychic and need time alone in order to gain further wisdom and understanding.

The Hanged Man can also be about sacrificing a belief or something else to gain insight into a situation. On rare instances, the Hanged Man can indicate a martyr someone who sacrifices his life for the greater good. On a more banal level, this could be a person who gives to charity, while forfeiting their yearly vacation.


The Hanged Man in Love

If you are searching for love, it may not be the best time to get involved in a relationship. You’ll have to wait. There will be a delay getting the one you love. Your love interest also runs the risk of being too in love with love, so that they would rather have you as a fantasy than you as the real person.

If you are in a relationship, you or your partner may love being in love. You may be very pure in heart always believing the best in your partner. You love giving plenty of boxes of chocolates or flowers to your loved one. You spend time re writing your wedding vows and take care to include a heart felt message in a birthday or anniversary card. This is because the Hanged Man stands for understanding the power of thought. We are what we believe. The more we love and express our love, the more love we receive in return.


The Hanged Man as Advice

Surrender to that of which you do not understand, but want to gain knowledge in.

Do not force anything. Let go and surrender to time and patience. You cannot force things to happen, if you do they might never happen.

More simply: Just wait.

Another useful piece of Hanged Man advice is to try and see a situation in a different light. Reverse your way of thinking.


The Hanged Man as Feelings

You may feel like something has turned upside down. Maybe you’ve thought you were in love before, but when you meet this new man or woman, you see things differently. You may have the feeling that you now know what love really is. You simply feel something you haven’t felt before.

You have a reversal of feelings and usually, almost always, in a good way. In fact, you probably see and feelings things correctly.


Hanged Man as an Obstacle

You could be suffering with the inability to move forward. Your lack of resolve isn’t good at this time. There isn’t anything left to wait for. If you have been waiting for your lover to return, he won’t.


Hanged Man on a Mundane Level

The Hanged Man may indicate you need to drink more water.


Hanged Man Tarot Professions

Weaver. Illusionist. Clairvoyant. Storyteller. Author. Theatrical Actor. Director. Film Maker. Production Assistant. Singer. Dancer. Artist.


The Hanged Man Reversed

There is a big tendency to martyr yourself and play the victim when the Hanged Man comes up Reversed. You maybe sulking, disenchanted and grieving some imaginary, overly dramatic loss. You’d rather believe that your life is a Mexican telenovela than see the truth of the situation. You might be so caught up in the production and illusion that you cannot see clearly. You may be suffering from delusions.

Psychic receptivity maybe over the top with the inability to control bad frequencies. Alternatively, psychic receptivity maybe blocked. You could be going from psychic to psychic in order for her to tell you what you want to hear. You feel determined to get the happy ending you think is only one step away while ignoring all the good, real and tangible things around you.

On a mundane level, the Hanged Man reversed can indicate mess up with the timing of something.

Hanged Man Combinations 

Hanged Man and Magician

a. Writing a magical novel.

b. Inspiration and action.

Hanged Man and High Priestess:

a. Both cards are about passivity and inaction. This would be a blatant: do nothing and don’t move.

b. Major spiritual awakening.

Hanged Man and World

a. Delays in finishing a project

b. Something needs to end, but there has been a suspension.

c. Going on a spiritual vacation, perhaps to Macchu Picchu or Tikal

Hanged Man and the Three of Cups

a. A celebration or party is on hold or canceled.

Hanged Man and the Eight of Cups:

a. You need to walk away from a relationship for a while, but you will reunite when the time is right.

Hanged Man and Two of Pentacles:

a. Holding back on making a firm decision.

Hanged Man and Seven of Pentacles

a. Sleeping and waiting.

b. Taking periodical naps through out the day.

c. Feeling tired 

d. Malaise.

e. Pushing time back. 

f. Waiting indefinitely.