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The Queen of Wands

Tarot Card Meaning

queen of wands

Queen of Wands

Queen of the Throne of Flame

Water of Fire

 Court Element: Water

Suit Element: Fire

Golden Dawn Zodiac: March 11- April 9 (Pisces/Aries)

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Sephiroth: Binah


Queen of Wands Description and Symbolism

The Queen of Wands is a regal card. The first thing to be aware of is her throne, which is adorned with two lions. This harkens back to the days in the ancient world when the goddesses were in full bloom. Many historians refer to it as the “Cult of Lions.” Hathor was an ancient Egyptian Goddess who represented love and beauty, but in her darkest days when she ravaged the cities she turned into Sekhmet, the lioness.

Shu and Tefnut, an Ancient Egypt consort, also helped the sun set as lions, one in the east and the other guarding the west. This is not the only image of the lioness goddess in ancient history. There are ancient ruins in Turkey called Catal Huyuk where they have found a statue of a woman who sits between two lions. This practice of lion worship was centered around the sun. During this period the sun was a reflection of the female and the moon was a reflection of the male. Hathor as a female symbol was adopted further (syncretism) by the Romans. They renamed the same goddess calling her Cybele. You can find a statue of Cybele, guarded by two lions carved from marble in the National Archeology Museum of Naples in Italy.

Interestingly enough, from 7000-1000 B.C.E. women use to be associated with solar energy, while the power of the male was lunar. We can see this iconography in the Queen of Wands as she holds sunflowers. If you take a look at the statue of Cybele there is some debate on whether she holds a music instrument (Lemming and Page, 82) or if she is holding a representation of the sun (Campbell, 27). It seems more likely that she is holding a sun disk as lions and females were associated with the sun.

The Lion Cult is extremely important in ancient mythologies and some historians argue that it started in the Age of Leo. We see this symbolism in the Queen of Wands and the hidden meaning is now apparent. The lions represent not only the sun sign of Leo, but far more.

The lioness is the one to be feared in the wild. She is the one who hunts for the pack. Why in our modern-day society are we told that the “lion is the king of the jungle” when the reality is that the lioness is the true matriarch of the pride. The lion has become male-centric. It was taken from the female and replaced with a domesticated cat.

There in front of The Queen of Wands is the only emblem of the powerful lion iconography left to women: the black cat. Witches are said to have black cats and it’s supposed to be a bad omen if a “black cat crosses our path.” Mass consciousness does not praise nor revere the black cat. In tarot, we find a black cat standing next to her maiden, the Queen of Wands. Could this black cat trigger our collective subconscious to disenfranchise the myth of the powerful lioness goddess?

Now I’m going to get Feminisiting here, so please excuse my particularly feminist view. I find it quite insulting that there exists an image of the “cat lady”, which is really to say the single woman with a cat who couldn’t get a man. This is a silly urban legend that was set up, probably on a subconscious level at this point in history, to disenfranchise women. Here is an interesting article by Forbes magazine about the myth of the Cat Lady

Cats also represent something more in our society. Cats are finicky and fickle. They come to you when they want love, but when they are done they leave. It doesn’t mean your cat doesn’t love you, it just means that it is on their own terms, which is to say exactly what the Queen of Wands embodies: When she wants a lover, a husband, a mate, a job, she will come to you. She also won’t be afraid to turn a man down. See that big stick? She walks with it, but also knows how to use it.

Another way we see the negative connotation of cats is in the word “catty.” Have you ever been a woman who has spoken up? You may have been labeled “catty” or “bitchy”, but when a man speaks up he is “fierce” and “powerful.” Something needs to change in our society about these ideas. A woman needs to be recognized on her own as a powerful person.

Leo rules the Sun in astrology, so no doubt the Queen of Wands is governed by Leo. There is some debate whether she governs Pisces/Aries from the Golden Dawn or Cancer/Leo from the Builders of the Adytum. You’ll have to pick which one resonates with you. I’ve recorded both in the info box at the top of the page. Regardless, the sun is cheerful and associated with optimism. She is holding a sunflower and sunflower adorn her throne along with her lions. Sunflowers are called sunflowers because they follow the direction of the sun. Their bright sunflower faces are looking up to the sun embracing the energy. The Queen of Wands is not necessarily the typical beauty that we see more in the Queen of Cups, rather, the Queen of Wands beauty radiates from the inside outward. The sunflowers say, “Look at me!”

The Queen of Wands is very adaptable. She can change quickly from one person to the next. This is indicated by the way one side of her is gray and the other yellow. She can adapt to any situation and is able to see a situation from all sides of the equation. This is why she has a lot of friends from all walks of life.

The Queen of Wands combines the element fire with the element of all the queens, water. Both are very tumultuous elements, with tendencies to “act dramatically.” This constant pull of water extinguishing fire means that she is often pulled in one direction and then the polar opposite the next. This also supports the idea of her being adaptable because fire and water can also create steam. This is adaptation at its highest form. (Meditate on card 20, Judgement, which also combines fire and water.) The Queen of Wands is experienced at taking things while blending them together to create a new thing. She’s a natural alchemist.

The Hebrew letter that is associated with all the queens is “Heh”. Heh is masculine and is associated with the Emperor. We have the initial foundation (Yod) which was set by the king, but she is the one who unites it within her own realm. Without the queen, the king would have no heir, no life and nothing would flow and reproduce. The king has to get through the queen to get things done. Even the knights of the suit take her command, not the command of the king. The king is merely a pawn set up by our own patriarchal society, but when we start looking beyond mere superficial symbology and we trace our ancient roots to the picture of who we were and where we came from. For me personally, I see the queens as having more mastery over their realm than the king. This becomes more evident when the symbolism is closely examined. It will surprise you that it is not initially what you think. 

When we combine all of the attributes that the Queen of Wands embodies, we get a full picture of a powerful archetype who doesn’t let anything stand in her way.


Queen of Wands Interpretation and Divination

In a general reading, the Queen of Wands signifies a bold outlook to life. You will need to take the bull by the horns and get going. The Queen of Wands is the card you get when you want to travel to the highest peak in the world or if you want to do something daring and exciting.

 The Queen of Wands asks you to get your business in order. Make a list and check it twice. She’s an innovator and a manager. She may represent an aspect of yourself or someone that you know. You could have an important meeting with your boss that needs to be addressed. If you have any issues or grievances you should speak up. 

 The Queen of Wands in a reading could have something to do with cats. On a mundane level, I pulled this card the day I decided to get a new cat. I had not planned on getting a cat, but that day I just *knew* I had to get to the humane society because there was a special cat there. The Queen of Wands was telling me that I would come home with a cat!

The Queen of Wands is the personae you need to invoke inside yourself when you need the power to confront someone or something at all odds. Isn’t the Queen of Wands the woman you want beside you in a corporate board meeting? She will never be afraid to stand up and say the truth. The Queen of Wands can help you meditate about ways in which you too can draw out your inner lioness and take control of your life or a particular situation. 


Queen of Wands as a Person or Signifier

The Queen of Wands is ambitious. She sets goals and wants to finish them. She may even time herself to see how she will fit everything into the day. She is an excellent multi-tasker and can function as the CEO of a boardroom with ease. She’s the multi-tasker, the ambitious woman who doesn’t let things get in her way. She’s good at solving life problems and issues and with her optimism she can turn any sour day into a bright opportunity for growth. She is a natural manager and good at motivating groups of people. She can get people up and going with her cheerful, positive outlook and attitude. She doesn’t have time for sulking, or negative wallowing (she leaves that for the Queen of Swords).  I see Hillary Clinton and Marissa Mayer as Queen of Wands types. 

She has a tendency to be a beautiful woman. She may not have a traditional style of beauty (we reserve that type of beauty to the Queen of Cups), but there is always something unique and radiant about her. Other roles that suit her are the movie star and entertainer archetype. This evokes a vibration of being either highly loved and/or highly hated. Notoriety would bring no shame to her personal sense of self. She rises to the occasion. (Think Kris Kardashian.) She brings energy and charisma everywhere she goes. Just like sunflowers, she likes to be the center of attention.

In general, her great value of her self-worth is what can make her very popular. She exudes the extrovert persona. Even if she is a natural introvert, she rarely lets on. If she is an introvert she might be called the “quiet extrovert.” She’s outgoing and is usually on the go. She may even be the “life of the party.” Mainly because she believes that the “harder you work, the harder you should play.”

She isn’t afraid to speak up and speak her opinion. She will always “tell it like it is.” She can be quite chatty and talk a blue streak. She may need to listen more and she does, only when it suits her. For instance, if it furthers her career or aspirations, she will sit through a lecture taking notes.

She is the type of woman that you need with you when you need to get a project finished or when you need to speak your mind. Bring the Queen of Wands with you when you want to buy a car. She won’t let anyone take advantage of her. She can be very sharp, yet approachable. Her sense of humor can lighten the mood and her way with satire can explain a situation without insulting anyone. Many of the characters that Charlize Theron plays are the Queen of Wands type. 

She may also be the type of person who seeks adrenaline pumping things. She loves to work out and finds the “runners high” a wonderful motivator. She may even get some of her best ideas while exercising.

She loves the excitement of travel and you may find her scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef or hiking up Macchu Picchu. She’s an adventuress. This aspect of her reminds me of the character Rachel Weisz played in The Mummy.

She is also quite independent and doesn’t get caught up with what others think of her. She only cares what she feels for herself, which is usually upbeat and positive. She tells people, “It is what it is,” and “love me or leave me.”

Queen of Wands as a Mother

If she does choose to be a housewife, she does it with ease and charm. She’s the type that will have her husband’s shirts ironed and pressed, dinner on the table in a graceful and elegant fashion and the children in order.

She loves creative games, art projects and physical activities. She is the PTA mom, the organizer and the planner. She will probably have her children involved in various activities. She may even have some kind of side job whether it be an online business selling her handcrafted items on Etsy or a part-time yoga instructor.  

The Queen of Wands loves to throw parties and her kids parties are no exception. They will definitely be themed and organized. Even if you aren’t totally acquainted with her, don’t be surprised if she sends you an invitation. She wants to create an exciting, inviting and fun experience. Everyone joins in! It’s these parties where she sees an opportunity to not only entertain, but network. Match making single parents might even be in her sights. (Even friends when she’s throwing parties for the adults.)


Queen of Wands in Love

She can be single or married. In a relationship, she doesn’t like to be tied down completely. She needs her freedom. She also needs adventure. Outdoor activities like hiking or rock climbing would be ideal.  She is attracted to men who are passionate and fiery like herself. Someone who stays in every night will bore her. If you want to seduce the Queen of Wands just ask her to do something spontaneous. If you ask her, “Do you want to take a trip to Brazil tomorrow?” Be prepared for her to answer, “Yes!” (Even if Brazil is an 18-hour flight!)

I’ve read time and time again that her legs are spread to indicate sexuality. I do not agree with this assessment. If this was true, then a man sitting with his legs straight together would also represent sexuality, but it doesn’t. What I see in this picture is a woman giving birth. If we go back and look at the picture of Cybele we see that her legs are also spread. Sex and birth are one in the same, but our culture currently distorts sexuality. I’d rather see the Queen of Wands as giving birth to ideas. She is the fertile incubator of ideas that spring forth life.

In a love reading, the Queen of Wands indicates something that will happen rapidly. It also indicates for a woman that you are in charge of the relationship and for a man it indicates that she is in charge of the way the relationship will go. The Queen of Wands is highly selective in who she gives her time and energy too. I wouldn’t expect a woman like that to be “highly sexual.” Not just any man can turn this lady on. He’s going to have to bring the fire. 

This idea indicates that in a love reading, the Queen of Wands brings passion and a spark that will ignite the flame into a relationship. She brings great love and enthusiasm to the relationship.

And how can a woman who is guarded by lions and a cat be sexual? My cat chooses who she likes and is finicky on when she wants attention. The women in the tarot who represent unabashed sexuality are the Empress (mainly reversed) and the Queen of Pentacles.


Queen of Wands as a Feeling

If you are asking, “How does X feel toward me?” then the answer is a good one. They feel alive and awake at the prospect of a new project or new lover. There is a creative element to the feeling, which is fueling the desire to join together and create something new.

You could be feeling radiant, joyous and happy. You feel optimistic.

Queen of Wands as Advice

The Queen of Wands urges you to have an optimistic sunny attitude. Get up and go! Just do it!

She urges you that today is a new day. Wake up and make it your best!

As Advice, the Queen of Wands suggests organization and planning. It also suggests speaking your mind about a situation. If you are afraid to ask your boss for a raise, the Queen of Wands suggests that you just ask.

Queen of Wands as an Event

The Queen of Wands is one of the travel cards. You could be traveling somewhere very warm. It could be a place that is familiar to you and makes you feel good. You have an emotional need to travel or want to travel somewhere to boost your emotions. Maybe you need to recharge at a spa or yoga retreat where there are many planned activities through-out the day. It may suggest that you are going to do a lot of activities while you are on vacation.

Queen of Wands as a Career

She is very good at running a business. She is highly organized and efficient. She will take on any task with enthusiasm and zest. She’s the team motivator and the pep rally section. She can instill confidence in you with just a reassuring glance.

Queen of Wands Professions

Actress. Movie Star. Entertainer. Business owner. Motivational Speaker. Human Resource. Management. Restaurant Management. Hotel Management. Sports. Sports Commentator. Writer. Independent Writer. Journalist. Travel Writer. Traveler.

Queen of Wands Reversed

She is prone to gossip, so don’t tell her your secrets.

A negative aspect of the Queen of Wands is that she can be temperamental with explosive anger problems. She can be overly dramatic, which leads her to having very few friends. She may even think of “friends” in terms of “what can you do for me?” This can be problematic, yet she won’t have the insight into seeing that she is creating her own problems. While playing the victim, someone else will always be to blame (that’s what she thinks).

The Queen of Wands has a lot of energy, but reversed she cannot channel this energy properly and leaves many projects unfinished. If the Queen of Wands is reversed or ill-dignified, she may run the risk of taking on too many things. You may need to reassess your priorities. Make sure you aren’t trying to do too much.

She may need her ego stroked constantly and will interfere with men whom she has no business with. Even if she knows that the man is taken is no obstacle for an ill-dignified Queen of Wands. Especially if she views him as a resource.

If she’s in a relationship, then she is insanely jealous and won’t allow her partner to have any female friends nor any female business associates. To top this, she may even allow herself to have male associates and male friends to further her career or business contacts.

The reversed Queen of Wands is the quintessential gold-digger. I did a reading for a man whose girlfriend was always a reversed court card. In one reading she was the reversed Queen of Wands. She convinced him to buy her 18-year-old daughter a 100,000 dollar car. Her and her daughter then hunted down a very rich young man (literally following him) around town until he finally took notice of her daughter. She claimed that this was the “way things worked in her culture.” She obviously had no qualms about prostituting her daughter out to the highest bidder, or in their case the richest guy they could find. According to my client, her daughter would always complain about the man they hunted because she wasn’t in love with him, but the mother would always tell her daughter to “suck it up”.

Queen of Wands Combinations 

Queen of Wands and Chariot: 

a. She’s the driver. 

b. She controls where the sex goes (or if it goes).

c. She can drive a stick shift.

d. It’s her car, she’ll take control, thank you very much.

Queen of Wands and Moon

a. Reorganization of the creative project.

b. Actively reorganizing a trip to include creative projects. 

Queen of Wands and 6 of Swords

a. Cruise Vacation.

b. She’s doesn’t put up with negative behavior and ducks out quickly. 

Queen of Wands the 9 of Swords

a. The woman with the big stick is not going to put up with this nightmare of a situation. 

Queen of Wands and King of Swords

a. She loves a man for his mind not his body.

b. This lioness loves military men.

d. No matter how sexually enticing she is, he is going to use his mind, not his heart. 

Queen of Wands and Knight of Pentacles

a. After his romantic offer didn’t go through, he offers her another alternative: Let’s start as friends. The Queen of Wands isn’t so sure. She might need to use that stick with him. 

b. She’s not going to put up with this young man for too long. He moves too slow and she’s too quick. 

c. She’s not going to put up with his slow, lethargic act any longer. She’s using her stick to knock him off his horse. He’s probably going to be a little stunned.