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The Lovers

Tarot Card Meaning


Tarot Card Meaning

Children of the Voice Divine

Rules: Gemini


Planet: Mercury

Hebrew Letter: Zain

Color: Orange

Musical Note: D-natural

The Lovers as a Person: YouTube Video


Lovers Description and Symbolism


The tree of knowledge is behind the woman and the tree of life is behind the man. The angel Raphael is watching over them from the sky. The angel wears a purple robe, which symbolizes spirituality and royalty. The woman looks towards the angel and the man looks towards the woman. The man looks to the physical and the woman looks to the spiritual. There is a duality to this card represented by Gemini.


There is a mountain surging between the couple. It seems to point to the angel. A trinity connects all of them together. The man’s desire is more carnal and passionate as he looks towards the woman. The man doesn’t even notice the angel, yet the woman does. She gazes up at the angel as if awaiting a spiritual message. She knows the truth about the man’s carnal desire.


The angel Raphael blesses both the man and the woman as if in a spiritual marriage that is written in the heavens. His eyes are closed as if in a deep spiritual meditation. He comes out of the sky through a patch of clouds which are close to the earth. The sun is shining all around the angel, and looks more like spiritual light than a real sun.


The woman stands next to the tree of knowledge in the Garden of Eden, which represents temptation. The man stands next to the tree of life or the Jewish kabbalistic tree. Each leaf is a small flame, perhaps a flame of passion or desire.


The woman or perhaps the man has a choice. The card depicts a choice between two loves: earthly desire and spiritual development, but the card means more than that. It can be a choice between a good path and a bad path. The angel has bestowed his blessing on the couple. What lays in the blessing is the right choice. To deny a spiritual connection is the wrong choice. If you choose poorly you will regret it.


Lovers Interpretation and Divination

You have two choices. One just seemed to pop up out of nowhere. You are enamored by the other choice. You thought you wanted to go down one direction, but then you came across another option. It could be a childhood friend, a new love, an idea, an opportunity, but whatever it is you have another choice.


The Lovers is about falling in love, sexual attraction, taking a relationship to another level. There could be a tremendous amount of sexual attraction or a declaration of feelings, but first the right choice must be made. The right choice is the soul mate. It is a much better choice. You are not just enamored with her/him, it is a destined love and match made in heaven if only you could free yourself from the situation you are in currently. Make the right decision. You will make the right decision. The querent almost always chooses the soulmate path. When the querent doesn’t it will take time for things to snap back into place due to predestination. This is a card all about predestination. Perhaps there is free will on earth, but you decided a certain path before you came to earth.

The lovers card comes after the ridged rules of the Emperor who dwells in the earthly plane and the Hierophant who dwells in the realm of doctrine. But now you have to make a spiritual decision. One that is governed by the stars, the moon and the laws of the spirit. These laws are not governed by the land, the earth or structure, but your heart, the air, the spiritual realm. You have to make a choice and if you do not choice wisely it will be a decision you will come to regret immensely and profoundly.


Lovers in Love


Here comes romance, passion, sex and feelings of true love! What you feel for your partner will transcend any ordinary crush or infatuation. You and your partner are meant to be together.


Lovers as Feelings


If you are asking about how he or she feelings about you, then the Lovers is one of the best cards to get. They are definitely thinking of you in a romantic way and feel deeply and intensely connected to you.


Lovers as Advice


The Lovers is sometimes about the choices we make between our head and our heart. The clarity that proper discrimination brings should clear up any misunderstanding, but coming to the right conclusion isn’t as simple as always choosing our heart over our head. The Lovers is ruled by Gemini and Gemini is an air sign that deals in mental thoughts. Gemini is the Queen of the Spin and verbal verbosity that clear the stage for full bodied emotions.

This verbosity should allow you to understand that the heart is sometimes NOT the right choice. But, when your heart is properly aligned with your intuition, then choose your heart first and then assess why you chose that with your head. The right decision is almost always a balance between the head and the heart. Just look at the image in the RWS. The women and the man aren’t truly connected. She sees the angel and not him, while he sees her and not the angel. So neither can use the head AND the heart to come to the right decision. When coming to a decision, meditate on this tarot card as if you are the angel bridging the heart and the head.


Lovers as an Obstacles

The Lovers card is assigned the Hebrew word for Sword (zain), which is another way of saying discernment. It is only through proper discrimination that we can find the solution. As an obstacle, the Lovers card indicates that you are not able to properly discriminate or differentiate the correct way of viewing the situation. Metaphorically, you may be seeing things only from Adam’s perspective, as he only sees the woman and not the angel or perhaps you are Eve, who can only see the Angel and not the man.


Lovers as an Outside or External Influence


Depending on the surrounding cards and the situation, the Lovers can indicate two different things as an external influence.


As something outside of your control, the Lovers can indicate that your partner is bonding with someone else. If it’s a business contract, then they are going rouge. If it’s a romantic partner, then they may have met someone else and are torn between two people.


It can also indicate that no matter what your relationship with your spouse is being guided by the divine angel and nothing can break that, no matter what temptation is put in the way. You would want to see many cups or even the Empress and Emperor combined with your reading.

Lovers Outcome in Love


If the Lovers comes up as the outcome to a romantic question, you will most likely have to choose between two people. You could even make a choice between staying in an unhappy relationship or being single and happier.


Lovers in a Career


Lovers can be about any unions. If you are asking about a business decisions, the Lovers suggests contracts, unions and working together.


Lovers Professions


Healer. Massage therapy. Artist. Dancer. Counselor. Social Worker. Psychologist. Helper. Doctor. Sculptor. Photographer. Chemist. Perfumer. Cosmetics. Esthetician.

The Lovers Tarot Card Meaning 

Lovers and Fool: 

a. A major choice to let go of someone whose opinion of you isn’t correct.

b. The Lovers is urging you to act like the Fool and embrace who you are, NOT what other people tell you you are.

c. The Fool is a person who can be anyone he wants. 

Lovers and the Hierophant

a. In the future position, can indicate a marriage.

b. Initiation (hierophant) into a sacred and spiritual ritual or group. Could be teacher to  student.    

Lovers and the Chariot: 

a. Controlling sexual desire in order to get real work done. 

Lovers and the Wheel of Fortune

a. Your fate is pushing you towards some kind of union 

b. Fate makes you feel like your in love. 

Lovers and Hanged Man: 

a. If you want to be with her, it’s going to be a wait. It’s not going to happen right away.

b. She tells her lover that they cannot meet today. 

c. Good things will come to those who wait and surrender to fate. 

Lovers and Devil: 

a. Having many choices in romantic partners, but unfortunately you either pick the wrong person OR there aren’t any good ones to pick from. 

Lovers and the Star: 

a. Love will happen for you, but you’ll have to have patience. It will be in the distant future.

Lovers and 2 of Wands: 

a. You have a major financial decision to make. 

Lovers and Ace of Cups: 

a. Choice in love between your current partner and a new partner. 

Lovers and 2 of Cups: 

a. Start of a new romance. 

Lovers and King of Cups: 

a. Emotionally drawn to a situation probably with a man who is like the King of Cups 

b. The lovers with any two court cards can indicate a choice between two partners 

Lovers and Knight of Swords

a. Whirlwind romance