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Six of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Six of Cups

Six of Cups

Lord of Pleasure

Season: Summer

Timing: 6 Months

Dates: November 3- November 12

Astrological Correspondence: Sun in Scorpio

Yes or No Question: Yes


Six of Cups Description and Symbolism

Two children play in a garden outside an expansive manor house. Both are dressed in medieval headdresses that are soft and knitted. The child with the red hat and tights gives the smaller child a cup full of flowers. The clothing from the past suggests anything reoccurring from the past such as childhood memories and even past lives.

There is an X carved into the stone entrance to the manor which makes me think of “X-marks the spot”. The Six of Cups is all about that right moment that makes you feel good. It’s the treasure and the feeling you get when you find it.

Down the manor driveway is a person walking. He looks completely grayish-white while holding a tall walking stick with an arrow crowned on top. The gray color suggests the blending of complementary colors. This is the first hint that the Six of Cups is about blending together of two souls. Many times this card can come up for the soul mate card when you meet someone from the past that triggers an unexplainable bond.

There is a cup with flowers resting on top of the X. Four additional cups with flowers line the front of the picture creating a sweet bottom border. All the cups have one flower blooming out of them. Expecting flowers is quite common.

Six of Cups is the Sun in Scorpio. Scorpio rules the houses of life and death, so the sun can illuminate all subconscious memories of past lives. Six is a call back to the Lovers, Key Six, which is often another “soul mate” card. Scorpio is intense and since it’s a fixed sign is fairly steadfast in their emotions. Once they latch on to something, they don’t let go. Sun brings in an added dose of intensity where two souls will reconnect in another life because of an unwavering belief that this person makes them feel good. When the Six of Cups comes up in a reading expect to meet someone from the past that makes you feel good whether it be someone you knew as a child or someone from a past life.


Six of Cups Interpretation and Divination

The Six of Cups represents any memory we have that creates a sense of familiar joy in our lives. It is a feeling of your childhood’s sunniest days. A Six of Cups moment could be seeing a similar quilt that your mother made for sale in a shop. You buy the quilt because it brings back strong, warm memories of curling up with your mother underneath it while she read to you.

This familiarity echos back to the Six of Cups being a soul mate or past life card. You meet someone you know from a previous lifetime and you feel a sense of calm wonder. You know this person from somewhere else. You will have a strong positive karmic attraction to each other. They will be very beneficial and kind to you. They may help you in some way.

The Six of Cups can indicate gift giving. Flowers could arrive from your spouse or a loved one. The Six of Cups is the Mother’s Day card.

The Six of Cups may indicate that a childhood friend or sweetheart will return.

You could connect with someone on an energetic level. It’s the blending of harmonies with the number six adding in balance, reciprocity, correlation, symmetry and equilibrium. Added that its position is in Tipareth, the Sixth Sepiroth, we get beauty and kindness as well.

The Six of Cups can suggest that someone will make you an offer you can’t refuse.

One of the other main meanings of the Six of Cups are children. It speaks of taking care of your kids, elementary schools, and the love you feel and have for your kids.


Six of Cups as a Person

As a person, the Six of Cups as a signifier denotes someone who is sweet, kind and calming or at least they make the querent feel that way. They may always come bearing gifts of some kind. This person is very resourceful and crafty. They are very good at making their own clothing, jewelry or flower arrangements.

They can be very naive and sometimes act child-like if not occasionally childish. But they make up for this with their random acts of kindness. This is the type of person that is always there for you when you need them. If you ask the Six of Cups person to help you with something they will go above and beyond helping and bring their A game. They wouldn’t even think twice about it. They believe that is just part of life.

The Six of Cups as a signifier denotes someone who either has children or loves children. They probably also love animals and most likely have a dog, cat or even horses.

The Six of Cups as a person may be telling you that this person comes from a long line of “old money.” But you never get the feeling that they think they are better for it than anyone else. In fact, they feel the opposite and feel eternally grateful. Maybe that’s why they want to help everyone.

If your querent pulls this card as a signifier for a love interest, then the querent feels a soul connection to this person. The Tipareth aspect to the Sun in Scorpio means that the person could be very beautiful or at least dress and present themselves in a manner that is stylish, elegant and beautiful. Underneath the lovely children in this card, the aspect of Scorpio tells us that this person may exude a type of sexual appeal and an air of mystery to them.


Six of Cups in Love

The Six of Cups in love is a warm, fuzzy feeling of knowing. Your lover may make you feel as if you have known them all your life. They may remind you of your cousins or siblings, thus creating a warm, calm assuring feeling.

If you are looking for love and the Six of Cups turns up, it could indicate that someone from your past will come back for a surprise visit.

It is often referred to as one of the soul mate cards because of its relevance to the Lovers card, Key 6.


Six of Cups as Feelings

When the Six of Cups turns up in the “feelings” placement, someone feels a warm, knowing, joyous feeling. They may feel there is something that they know about you that they may not be able to place their finger on. You remind them of something from the past that is good. Maybe you look like a girl from their village across the sea and this creates a feeling of comfort.


Six of Cups as Advice

As general advice, the Six of Cups urges us to look at something from the past that makes us feel good. You’ll need to utilize something that was once familiar to you perhaps from your childhood. So if you need help, you may need to ask your mother, father or sister. Maybe a relative that you haven’t thought of in a while. They could be of great help to you.

If you are asking about advice on love matters, the Six of Cups asks you to be sweet, kind and tender. Bake a cake or send flowers.

The Six of Cups portends that someone from another life is making their way back to us. Use your subconscious to understand.  


Six of Cups as an Obstacle

You are spending too much time in the past. It’s become obsessive. You romanticize a past that never occurred or you are reinventing a past in a negative way that never occurred. You must let go of the past and live in the moment.


Six of Cups as the Outcome

For the question, “Will he/she come back to me?” and you get the Six of Cups, it can also indicate on some occasions that someone comes back into your life from the past. You finally get the “girl that got away.” The only way this card will work out well in the outcome or near future position is if you had good memories with them. If you had a big fight or falling out then it will indicate that you will only be left with sweet memories.

If you just started dating someone and get the Six of Cups as the outcome be prepared for sweet times together. This indicates a period of mutual love, generosity between partners and a time of pure romance speckled with innocence.

If you are in a relationship and you get the Six of Cups in the outcome period, expect to be given flowers. Your relationship will gain strength. It can even indicate that you will have children soon.

If your outcome/near future doesn’t have to do with romance, the Six of Cups can indicate that memories from the past are revisited. You prefer to only think of a certain person in a good way and forget about any pain this person may have caused you. You hand select only the positive memories and hold on to them.

Depending on the situation and surrounding cards, children are usually involved whether it be your own or memories about your own childhood. Even your neighbor’s kids or babysitting jobs.


Six of Cups Professions

Florist. Bed and Breakfast Owner. Hotelier. Mother. Nanny. Childcare Provider. Midwife. Babysitter. Old Soul.


Six of Cups Reversed

The Six of Cups Reversed can indicate that you have been holding on to the past in a negative way. You could be constantly lamenting about how abusive your parents were long after you have left home. In some instances, the abuse suffered was minimal compared to the way you view it now.

Six of Cups Combinations

Six of Cups and the Hierophant:
a. Children in school.

Six of Cups and Three of Swords:
a. Your childhood breaks your heart.

Six of Cups and Knight of Swords:
a. Your ex-lover returns. He comes in quick.

Six of Cups and Two of Cups:
a. Soul mate sex.

Six of Cups and Queen of Pentacles:
a. A mother and her children.
b. He returns to the woman he loves.
c. You have fond memories of your mother.