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The Ten of Pentacles

Tarot Card Meaning

Ten of Pentacles

Universal Rider Waite


Gilded Tarot By Ciro Marchetti

Ten of Pentacles

Lord of Wealth

Season: Autumn

Dates: September 12- September 22

Astrological Correspondence: Mercury in Virgo


Ten of Pentacles Description and Symbolism

The Ten of Pentacles is rich with symbolism, which makes it a card full of possible predictions and contradictions. At first glance we see a family and may think about a happy family, but the body language of everyone around tells a different story.

The couple in the picture are passing by one another. They look engaged in conversation, but instead of standing and talking they talk as they keep walking. They look involved in two different worlds. The little boy with the mother looks the other way as he pulls the dog’s tail. He wants attention, whether it’s negative or positive, he does not care. 

There is an older patriarch in the picture at the front. He looks as if he is watching the couple, the child and the house. He is petting one of his dogs. His robe is rich with color, embroidery and full of detail.

It looks as if there is a family crest on one of the walls. A castle looking house is drawn on the crest, which suggests a long heritage of family wealth. There are also two sail boats carved on the stone entrance, which reminds us of the couple and the expression, “Two ships passing in the night.” Interesting, GenZ has coined the term “shipped together” to indicate two people who are dating.


Astrological Correspondence: Mercury in Virgo

Mercury in Virgo is extremely adaptable. Virgo is a mutable sign and pentacles are feminine, receptive and flexible. This could be why Waite wrote, “derives its value from the other cards” (Waite, 293). 

Mercury rules over Virgo, giving the Ten of Pentacles an especially exalted position. The card is harmonious and at home in both the position of the numerological position of earth with the number ten, but also with the sign and planet associated with it.

Virgo is a very organized and meticulous sign. The want everything in perfect order from their filing systems (yes, they have one), their car, and the house. Everything should look neat and tidy. Virgos are very detail oriented and strive to complete tasks on time and with an A+ attitude. They always bring their best to the plate and are always on time.

We see this organization play out in the Ten of Pentacles through the members of the family and the structure of the geometric forms in the card. Organized, happy people create legacies. They do not have to be vast empires, but solid family traditions and good stories to tell your grandchildren. The people in the picture are all working together to create stability, boundaries and structure that is easily adaptable from each generation to the next and fluid enough to change with the times. 


Ten of Pentacles Interpretation and Divination

When you have too much money what do you do with it? You pass it on to others, so that they may have abundance too. This is the card of inheritance, family legacies, and marriages. You maybe the old man who is giving his house to his grown children and grandchild, or you could be the one receiving the inheritance.

The Ten of Pentacles is also about the transference of wealth. You have worked hard and built a solid foundation to sit upon.

Unlike the Ten of Cups, the Ten of Pentacles is not a stage card. This is the real deal. This is the family that sticks together because that’s the “right” thing to do. It doesn’t speak of undying love, but undying devotion to the patronage and family lineage.

In the perfect reading about love and marriage you would want to get both the Ten of Pentacles and Ten of Cups. 

The Ten of Pentacles indicates that your primary concern is your family and good friends. If you are traveling, it indicates you’ll travel to see relatives or have relatives over to your house for an extended stay.

The Ten of Pentacles can indicate working from home. You will spend most of your money on your house and could be redecorating your home office or any room of your house. You’ll be very devoted to making your home a cozy place to dwell.

You could be receiving an inheritance.


Ten of Pentacles in Love

This is a good card to receive if you are asking about love. It can indicate material success and material wealth. It’s a solid card to get especially for people who believe in leaving a legacy for their children.

The Ten of Pentacles is definitely a marriage card, but one of earthly marriage. It is a very secure marriage based on a strong sense of stability.

The Ten of Pentacles may indicate marrying for money and/or arranged marriages. Your spouse may have everything that you want. They may be financially secure, have the right job, the right ethnicity, and come from the right socioeconomic world, but there maybe something lacking. Namely true love and emotional completion.  But a couple like this is unlikely to divorce especially if you get the King of Pentacles as the male patriarch.

In the beginning of a relationship, the Ten of Pentacles indicates being let down in love. If you’ve just met someone, they could already have a family. Supporting cards like the 7 of Swords could indicate infidelity.


Ten of Pentacles as Feelings

Elementally, the Ten of Pentacles is extremely stable. You could be feeling like nothing is moving forward. You may feel like you and your spouse have nothing in common and this feeling as been there for a while, but has never been addressed. On the contrary, you could feel that you have an inclusive arrangement and it’s so comfortable inside those walls with all the modern, cozy comforts.

If we look at how the pentacles are arranged, they block the people in the picture. If you don’t see a representation of yourself in any of those people, then you could be feeling like you are on the outside and can’t get in.

The feeling of the Ten of Pentacles is one of enduring strength. Whatever it is that you are feeling is not going to go away. It will remain, for better or for worse. 


Ten of Pentacles as Advice

The Ten of Pentacles is about protection and the home. As advice, you may need to stay at home, create boundaries or walls to protect yourself or rely on family members to help you.

If you are dissatisfied with your family members or some members of your family, remember that you can start your own legacy.

The Ten of Pentacles advises you to donate anything that you have an excess of. It could run a range of possibilities from donating old books and clothes to retiring a boyfriend or girlfriend that isn’t harmonious to your way of life anymore.


Ten of Pentacles as an Obstacle or Crossing Card

When the Ten of Pentacles comes up in a position of an “obstacle” or is a crossing card, you could be feeling very trapped by family obligations. You may not be able to attend a function or do something on your own because you are bound to your house, to your children, wife/husband or mother/father.

In a love reading where you don’t know the person well, the Ten of Pentacles could refer to someone that is already married. You may know or not know. If you do know that your lover is married, this card in the outcome or crossing position indicates that your lover will stay married to their current spouse.


Ten of Pentacles as an Outcome

As an outcome, the Ten of Pentacles usually means family, marriage, reunions, and legacies.

If you are asking about the outcome to your relationship, then marriage is on the horizon. Conversely, if you are just starting to date someone and they seem distant, the Ten of Pentacles can mean they are already married.

Financially, you will receive an inheritance or gain wealth through something unexpected. If you are renovating, the house will finish ahead of time making way for new ideas.

You could be traveling with a relative.

Business deals form trustworthy unions, paperwork will be filed correctly and you will have good fortune when it comes to money.


Ten of Pentacles Professions

Fortune 500. Doctor. Hotel Manager. Event Planner. Underwriter. Trust Fund. Will and Testament Writer. Fisherman. Real Estate Director.


Ten of Pentacles Reversed

The Ten of Pentacles Reversed can be about two ships passing in the night. You have everything you think you need: wealth, security, family, heritage, but you may not be happy. You and your spouse are so busy working separate jobs that you may rarely see each other.

This could end in divorce or a permanent separation.

Ten of Pentacles Card Combinations 


Ten of Pentacles and Tower:
a. Divorce.
b. The realization that your marriage is over.

Ten of Pentacles and World:
a. Staying in your comfort zone.
b. At home and feeling complete.
c. Napping at home.

Ten of Pentacles and Seven of Cups:
a. Staying at home with your family and working on creative projects together. These projects are very likely not to get finished due to the daydreamy nature of the Seven of Cups.

Ten of Pentacles and Ace of Pentacles:
a. Inheritance.

Ten of Pentacles and Nine of Pentacles:
a. Trustfund baby.