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The Ace of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Ace of Cups

Ace of Cups

Lord of the Root of the Powers of Water

Season: Summer

Dates: Cancer, Pisces, Scorpio

Yes or No Question: Yes


Ace of Cups Description and Symbolism

Emerging from a cloud, a white hand holds a golden cup. The absolute whiteness of the hand expresses that we are starting at the very beginning. The cup has five streams of water flowing outward into a calm, blue lake. There are three bells attached to the cup as well as the letter “W”. A white dove dives downward into the cup while holding a Christian wafer. A dove is a symbol of purity, peace and love. He is also a messenger and the message this dove is bringing to the Ace of Cups is one of unconditional love, acceptance and forgiveness. The wafer is symbolic to Christians as Jesus’ body and so the Ace of Cups represents the manifestation of our heart into the physical. There are 26 yods that resemble droplets of water surrounding the hand and cup. The calm blue lake is sprinkled with tranquil lily pads.

The water represents are emotions and subconscious desires. The water lilies on top of the water suggest to us that we can manifest our desires into the physical. At least we have the ability to do so, but it is up to us to make it happen.


Ace of Cups Interpretation and Divination

All aces are about the possibilities, but it’s up to you to take the lead and run with them. Do not take this moment for granted. It is the right time to get in touch with how you are feeling emotionally.

The Ace of Cups can indicate a burst of new emotions that maybe overflowing. It can be any intense emotional feeling such as the love for a new baby, romantic love or the love you feel when you give a gift from the heart. You may even have a fantastic new idea or creative expression that leaves you with overwhelming feelings and emotions.

The Ace of Cups can also signal a new baby or the conception of a new baby. It’s the type of pregnancy that results from the love of two people.

In the Ace of Cups, all those yods falling in the form of water look a lot like teardrops. It can represent crying over spilt milk or being upset by every little wrong in your life.

Infrequently, this welling up of emotions can also signal death of a loved one.

Ace of Cups represents the feelings of love, not the action that we take when we feel love.


Ace of Cups in Love

When you get the Ace of Cups in a love reading, then be prepared for a little bit of love! You’ve got the Ace of Love! It’s a new beginning for your love life. Now you need to nurture it.


Ace of Cups as Feelings

If you want to know how someone feels and you get the Ace of Cups, you know they are feeling a lot. Your love interest maybe so overpowered with feelings that they don’t call you back. We don’t really know what kind of feelings they have, but that they have a plethora of feelings. These feelings could range from scared, anxious, sadness, love, happiness or even anger. You may need to look for the surrounding cards or draw a clarifier to figure out what kind of feelings.


Ace of Cups as an External Factor

You could see or hear another person’s joy. This could be a party that you hear your neighbors having or you might be staying in a hotel where a bridal reception is taking place. Either way, it brings you a sense of joy and happiness.

One the other hand, you could have a lot of external energy flowing through you from the holy guardian spirit. This over welling of your own emotions, could come out in expressions of art, dance or music which affects other people. It affects others in a positive, wonderful way.


Ace of Cups as Advice

The Ace of Cups advice is to get in touch with your deepest subconscious feelings because they are speaking to you directly from superconsciousness. Right now you have a direct channel to the Holy Guardian Angel who advises you to find love in yourself first before you can attract love from another person. There is a deeply, moving spiritual aspect to the advice that is also very simple if we look to the One Voice from above and silence our minds from any sort of chatter.


Ace of Cups as an Obstacle or Crossing Card

When the Ace of Cups comes up in the crossing position or obstacle position, then there might be some unrequited love. Perhaps you love someone who doesn’t love you or someone loves you that you don’t love.


Ace of Cups on a Mundane Level

As a weather forecast, the Ace of Cups can predict rain, flash flood or leaks.


Ace of Cups as a Profession

Drama. Actress. Romance Novelist. Priestess. Funeral Director. Florist.


Ace of Cups Reversed

When the Ace of Cups appears reversed, all the feelings and love have dried up. There is a block to feelings and essential the person is not feeling it anymore.

Ace of Cups Combinations

Ace of Cups and Chariot

a. Containing your emotions even though they feel like they are over flowing inside. 

Ace of Cups and Two of Swords

a. “No, I will not return your love.”

Ace of Cups and Two of Cups

a. You are overflowing with new reciprocated love. The beginning stages of love. 

Ace of Cups and Three of Cups:

a. Overflowing of emotions while talking or meeting with a friend(s). The three could indicate angry, manipulation, libertine values and triangles. The over flowing of emotions is extreme when water combines with water. 

b. Just wanting to drink with your friends. 

Ace of Cups and the Six of Cups:

a. Having an overwhelming emotional desire to stay with your children. 

Ace of Cups and Knight of Pentacles:

a. The love grows and swells. It is strong and enduring. 

b. He plants the seeds of love with careful deliberation.

c. She decides that love must grow and flourish between them. It can last with careful attention to detail.