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The Page of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Page of Cups

The Page of Cups

Princess of the Palace of the Floods

Earth of Water

Court Element: Earth

Suit Element: Water

Golden Dawn Zodiac: Libra/Scorpio/Sagittarius

Builders of the Adytum Zodiac: Cancer/Leo/Virgo

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Sephiroth: Malkuth

Feminine Energy (Earth)



Page of Cups Description and Symbolism

We come across a younger boy or girl holding a golden cup. In the golden cup is a fish peeking up out of the cup. The Page of Cups is staring intently at the fish.

There is a wavy sea behind the Page of Cups and a clear sandy beach. In tarot, water always symbolizes the subconscious and emotions. The slightly rough sea denotes wishy washy emotions. They can be slightly turbulent at times. He is just at the beginning of mastering his/her emotions. The sky is clear.

The Page is dressed a little oddly. He is wearing that funny round hat with the sweeping scarf coming down and across his shoulder. The hat is blue. His jumper is also blue, but has pretty pink tulips on it running down in a row. His inner frock is pink. His golden boots match the trim around his armholes and his cup. We get the impression that he takes time and consideration into his wardrobe. He is fashion forward and could even enjoy fashion design and sewing.


Page of Cups Interpretation and Divination

When the Page of Cups comes up in a reading, you could be contemplating whether to take something to the next level. You should do it! The Page is the culmination of the Ace through 10 of Cups, so something you’ve avoided maturing or something you have been currently nurturing should be elevated.

Take an emotional risk even though it might not work out quickly, things will resolve themselves. The water-based nature of the Page of Cups suggests that things might be up in the air for a while and move slowly toward your goals. Don’t get discouraged, keep going. Stay positive.

Be playful and fun. Take a creative moment to stay in touch with your child-like side. Pets, children and creative arts all fall in the realm of the Page of Cups. Speculation and gambling as well! You could take a risk playing some games and win!


Page of Cups as a Person

This Page has an emotional and a wild imagination. The Page of Cups loves love and is in love with surrounding him/herself with love. Unlike the Knight of Cups, who also loves being in love, the Page of Cups loves being surrounded with all kinds of love. When he/she does love, it is puppy love and crushes. S/he is gentle and compassionate, who cares about all those around him/her. She might fall in love with Anime and obsess over it for months. Then the next fascination might be loving Hello Kitty. She will “love” this, adore this, and think only of this until…something else comes along.

The Page of Cups is very artistic and intuitive. S/he is dreamy and often has his/her head in the clouds. S/he will imagine the impossible because nothing is impossible to them.

The Page of Cups would love to spend all day daydreaming, literally all day. He really wants to find out why that fish is in the cup and he stares. He comes up with a myriad of different scenarios. It can indicate obsessive behavior.

The Page of Cups can wear her heart on her sleeve. She is very sensitive and can cry easily. She will cry over spilt milk, other times she cries for those around her.

Pages love deeply and without boundaries. Their love is quite unconditional, but it’s also raw and undeveloped. It can signal puppy love or a crush.


Page of Cups as a Message

The Page of Cups can signal writing an apology or letter about someone you love. It can signal any kind of love letter. The Page of Cups is usually an offer of some kind. Usually a sweet, heart-felt offer.


Page of Cups in Love

The Page of Cups would like nothing better than to sit around and daydream about love. The Page of Cups in love idealizes what it means to be in love. They may be very romantic and dreamy often writing, acting or expressing themselves in artistic forms.

If the Page of Cups comes up in regard to a romantic question, you will probably be receiving or sending messages related to matters of the heart. It is most likely the start of a new romance, or in the very least, the idea of a new romance.

The Page of Cups is the puppy love card!


Page of Cups as Feelings

You may be feeling giddy and light hearted. You can easily feel like having a first crush again. A young, fresh youthful take on love. Puppy love. Feeling puppy love.


Page of Cups as an Obstacle or Crossing Card

The Page of Cups is the quintessential cards of puppy love. You could have a friend that wants something more. They might hug you affectionately or try and kiss you. They are very sincere in their attempts, but sadly, as an obstacle, this isn’t what you want.

As an obstacle to an ongoing relationship, it looks like the relationship may not go any further than puppy love, sweetness and non-commitments even though there is heartfelt and deep friendship.


Page of Cups as Advice

The Page of Cups advises you to be sweet, tender and kind. Wear your heart on your sleeve and tell someone how you feel. Be kind to animals and children.


Page of Cups Professions

Artist. Fashion Designer. Poet. Dreamer. Fisherman.


Page of Cups Reversed

Page of Cups reversed can indicate manipulations and artifices regarding love. You could be in a situation where you are lying to someone about your romantic feelings or someone is lying to you.

The Page of Cups Reversed may believe that love is a game. They maybe a “serial dater” with a long list of people they get involved with briefly.

Page of Cups Combinations

Page of Cups and Tower:
a. Outcome to a relationship reading: It’s just a dream, a fantasy. It’s not real
and will never materialize.
b. You have built some fantasy so high in the sky that it will never meet your
expectations when (or if) you get it.

Page of Cups and Four of Wands:
a. Contemplating moving to the next level of a relationship with someone.

Page of Cups and the Seven of Wands:
a. The water and fire make this pair unwelcome. It can also be read as Page of Cups and 7 of Wands reversed.
b. Being unable to stop yourself from a shopping excursion because of the utterly persuasive shop girls.

Page of Cups and Page of Swords:
a. Conflict with children or teenagers.
b. Any two pages can mean conflict, especially with the Page of Swords.

Page of Cups and Ten of Cups:
a. Fantasizing about the perfect family.
b. Family happiness with kids.

Page of Cups and Eight of Pentacles:
a. Writing love notes back and forth over and over again.
b. Doing something creative over and over again.
c. Watching the your favorite TV series over and over again.
d. Repetition of (insert something that involves art of love).

Page of Cups and Knight of Pentacles:
a. Slowing making small adjustments and offering them to your boss or another team member for approval. Making slow and steady progress.