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The Queen of Cups

Tarot Card Meaning

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups

Queen of the Thrones of Waters

Water of Water

Court Element: Water

Suit Element: Water

Golden Dawn Zodiac: June 11-July 12 (Gemini/Cancer)

BOTA Zodiac: Oct 14-Nov 12 (Libra/Scorpio)

Hebrew Letter: Heh

Sephiroth: Binah


The Queen of Cups and the High Priestess communicate directly.


Queen of Cups Description and Symbolism

The Queen of Cups sits by the sea surrounded by a soft green mountain and small pebbles. She holds a very ornate cup which she is staring intently at. The cup’s ornateness suggests that this queen can be very beautiful and loves to dress up.

Her stone throne is decorated lavishly too. This supports her love of lavish things. She probably surrounds herself with beautiful decorations and decor in her home. She has three mermaids on her throne, a fish and a gigantic seashell. She maybe most comfortable by the sea, river or ocean.


Queen of Cups Interpretation and Divination

Combines the feminine nature of water with water. Queens are elementally related to water as are cups. This means the Queen of Cups is water and water. There is a tendency to be completely submerged in feeling and emotions. There is a tendency to listen to your heart and emotions over anything that you are thinking. This could be good or bad, depending on the situation.

When the Queen of Cups turns up in a reading, it urges you to listen to your intuition. The Queen of Cups is all about the subconscious. This is where you will get the most out of using her wisely. Your subconscious feelings may not even reach your conscious level, so you react through the subconscious. This can lead to problems with reality and issues with self-awareness if not recognized.

You might be having powerfully psychic dreams. It’s now the time to listen to them. There is an intense and magnetic pull toward the dreams, as if you are actually living them.


Queen of Cups as a Person

She is ruled by emotions, art, and creativity. She can get lost in her own world though. She is prone to fantasy and lacks motivation at certain times. She is extremely sensitive. This makes her a very good friend because she listens with all her heart. She isn’t a problem solver, but an emotional support system. The Queen of Cups would make a good therapist. You are lucky if you have her as a friend.

Stereotypically, she is one of the more beautiful queens. She has a feminine quality to her, which is usually done up with makeup and beautiful clothing. She will probably have a good fashion sense.


Queen of Cups as a Mother

She will put her husband before her children. She believes that a happy family starts with a happy marriage. She will be a good mother though. She allows her children to grow up around the arts. She encourages daydreams and fantasies. She may read to them a lot and encourage reading fantasy novels. She loves art projects and artistic endeavors.


Queen of Cups in Love

She is dreamy and romantic. She usually loves with all her heart and is prone to monogamy. She often fantasizes about soul mates and twin souls. She can create an entire world around her and her lover that doesn’t exist in reality. When talking about her spouse, she may say things like, “We were meant to be together. I just know we met in another life. I have reincarnated back to Earth because I am supposed to help him. We are destined to be together.”

The type of men that are attracted to her will typically be those who think she needs “saving” because she understands vulnerability. Because of her watery nature, she really needs someone grounded and stable. Her subconscious attitude is best aligned with a man who can bring in a masculine level of consciousness to balance her out.


Queen of Cups as Feelings

If you are asking how he or she feels about you, the Queen of Cups lets you know that they feel like softly, slowly and dreamily falling in love with you. Their feelings are in the subconscious phase right now though, so they may not even be aware of how they are feeling or why. They most likely have been dreaming about you.

They may also think you are very beautiful, as the Queen of Cups is one of the more beautiful court cards.


Queen of Cups as an Obstacle or Crossing Card

The Queen of Cups could get you in trouble emotionally. She can be very vulnerable and sensitive. With Cancer as her ruling sign and the way she is fixated on her cup, she can have a tendency to obsess over something.


Queen of Cups as Advice

When you pick the Queen of Cups, she is telling you to feel your emotions and understand them. Your emotions are attached to your intuitive nature and the Queen of Cups urges you to listen to them.

If you can dream it, it can be contained and yours.


Queen of Cups as an Action

The Queen of Cups is a passive card and does not denote action.  You (he/she) will remain in a reverie and dream about it.


Queen of Cups as an Event

This Queen loves the beach and she might want you to take a trip to the beach or even the mountains for relaxation and meditation.


Queen of Cups as a Mundane Event

The Queen of Cups as an event can indicate rain and thunderstorms.


Queen of Cups Professions

Artist. Florist. Designer. Interior Designer. Swimmer. Lifeguard. Scuba Diver. Nurse. Counselor. Midwife. Psychic. Clairvoyant. Fashion Designer. Art Teacher. Dentist. Acupuncturist. Reiki. Massage. Actress.


Queen of Cups Reversed

When the Queen of Cups is reversed, we see drinking and drugs. She can be very emotionally manipulative. She is not afraid of scandal or intrigue so beware if you get involved with her. She just may turn your world upside down. Daisy Buchanan from The Great Gatsby reminds me of the reversed queen of cups. It’s all about her and with it she leaves a wake of broken hearts, broken homes, and broken romance. She is a woman who has never really loved because she doesn’t know how to love herself. She confuses love and sex and uses sex to get what she wants. Pleasure from sex results from the control or domination or submission or emotional aspect, but never love.

The Queen of Cups is highly volatile and emotional. She can be turbulent, yet peaceful at other times. She doesn’t act practically or rationally. Everything is built around how she feels at the time. She often confuses emotions with true psychic ability. She lives in a fantasy world. This is the queen who most often doesn’t even know herself. Other people always have a different opinion than the opinion of herself. She and the Queen of Wands love drama. Acting is definitely indicated. If not an actress then this queen loves to dramatize in her head about who she is and the reality of this all. She often has a misguided interpretation of situations based primarily on how she is feeling at the moment. She is all about the moment. She is the least practical of all queens and the least mature.


Queen of Cups Reversed Mother

She can be emotionally needy and want her children around to serve her emotional needs above the required needs of her children. The Reversed Queen of Cups will ignore boundaries and feels that she has the right to do whatever it is that she pleases with her children because she is the mom.

Queen of Cups Combinations


Queen of Cups and Justice:
a. For a woman, creating emotional restrictions maintains balance.

Queen of Cups and Tower:
a. Shattering your egotistical and emotional illusions.
b. Emotional Supremacy with a situation is knocked down. Could be very humbling.

Queen of Cups and Star:

a. A truly beautiful woman, inside and outside.

Queen of Cups and Moon:

a. Nightmares.

b. Emotions respond well to the creative arts.

Queen of Cups and Four of Swords:
a. Experiencing a medatative out of body or some spiritual experience due to meditation.

Queen of Cups and Six of Swords:
a. Moving away from a difficult situation that involves a woman like the Queen of Cups.
b. You are moving away from a very emotional situation.
c. Mundane: Flash flooding.

Queen of Cups and Nine of Swords:
a. The lack of a stable and sturdy plan is leaving you nightmares. Nothing seems to become concrete.
b. You may have a kid who has a mental illness that is emotionally disruptive.

Queen of Cups, Six of Swords, Page of Pentacles:
a. Working with a language tutor because you are going to travel to a foreign land.

Queen of Cups and Ace of Pentacles
a. A warning you are drinking too much.
b. You could be giving a free tarot reading or a reading for a little money.

Queen of Cups and Page of Pentacles:
a. Fixation or unhealthy obsession.